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Vertical Tiling Guide

Increasingly, clay tiles are being used to produce eye-catching decorative finishes to the walls, around window frames or the corners of new and refurbishment properties. Once an ancient form of protection against the elements, vertical cladding is now used to add value, character and individualism to a property. A variety of contrasting styles and colours can be combined to provide fronting which is individual and attractive.This guide describes some common roof constructions and tiling details that are likely to occur in new and refurbished roofs. Material specifications are provided and, where appropriate, these refer to new, or, proposed European standards.

The CRTC Vertical Tiling Guide covers all of the technical aspects of vertical cladding. It contains detailed information on design and material specifications, including performance design specifications and prescriptive design specifications. Particular attention has been paid to wall structure, the securing of the batten / counter-batten framework to the wall and the tile fixing details are given in a set of detailed drawings. In the event that you cannot find the detailed information required about the construction of a particular feature, or for any other technical enquiries associated with the use of clay roof tiles, please contact the manufacturer of the tiles in question (see CRTC members).

The guide looks at, and advises on the actual application of the tiles and covers main tile and decorative tile design aspects along with pipe fixing information. It also provides definitive advice on maintaining and repairing vertical tiling designs as well as a section dedicated to health and safety issues.


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