Self Build House, East Midlands

  • Project Self Build House, Derby
  • Sector Self Build
  • Location Midlands
  • Tile Product Clay Plain Tile
  • RTA Member Dreadnought


When it came to selecting materials for the self build project, the client wanted to use natural products. The architect was an arts and crafts specialist and incorporated some elegant details within the roofscape such as flared verges and ornamental banding. The client initially wanted to use handmade tiles, but was deterred by the expense and so needed to find an alternative.


A Dreadnought specialist visited the client and introduced the Rustic range, a sanded machine made tile with a rustic texture which delivers an established look, at a significantly lower cost than handmade roof tiles. Dark Heather tiles were chosen, as the purple blue shades blended well with the bricks that had been selected.


The project was a success, so much so that the client will be building again using the same combination of bricks and roof tiles.