Heritage Project, Midlands

  • Project Nocton Church, Midlands
  • Sector Leisure
  • Location Midlands
  • Tile Product Clay Plain Tile
  • RTA Member Dreadnought


All Saints Church Nocton, is the county’s finest example of a Gothic Revival church, designed by renowned Victorian architect Sir George Gilbert Scott. The polychromatic diaper pattern running across the chancel and nave proved a real challenge to replicate with modern tiles. The roof feature an elaborate arrangement of blue bullnose, red/blue bullnose and red/blue plain clay tiles varied in colour individually and across their face.


The roofing contractor commented “The hardest aspect of the job was getting the colour mixes right within the horizontal and diagonal pattern of the roof. Achieving a random mix of colours for the red/blue plain tiles and red/blue bullnose tiles within the pattern required great attention to detail and concentration but it’s been worth it. The new tiles look very good helped by Dreadnought ‘brilliant’ customer service and ‘strong, robust’ tiles.”


Dreadnought is the only UK roofing tile manufacturer that does not use stains or surface pigments to colour their products, colour is achieved by control of the kiln atmosphere. Its Red/Blue tiles, probably more than any other, exhibit the characteristics of naturally coloured tiles. The benefits of this approach include a softer, more natural colour that not fade over time.