Residential development, South East

  • Project The Cloisters, South East
  • Sector Residential
  • Location South East
  • Tile Product Clay Handmade Tile
  • RTA Member MarleyEternit


The Cloisters is a luxury development of five bedroom homes, with some costing up to £3.8 million in value. Locating the properties on the green belt meant that planning requirements played a huge factor in desired aesthetics and ultimately the choice of building materials. The design of the properties needed to be sympathetic to their natural surroundings with a country style look that would give a traditional and seasoned appearance.


Ashdowne handcrafted clay tiles in Aylesham Mix were chosen because of their ability replicate an aged look. A mellow appearance and granular texture provided slight random irregularities, giving each tile a unique character so no two roofs were alike. Whilst the local planners were strict in their requirement for materials, they felt that warmth and charm of the Ashdowne handcrafted tile met their high expectations.


On a project where the consultation process took many years and involved meticulous attention to detail, the end result has exceeded expectations. The blend of colours and textures on the handcrafted tiles helped to achieve a country, heritage aesthetic whilst ensuring the new homes remain in keeping with their rural surroundings.