Residential Development, South East

  • Project Private Housing, St, Mary's, Kent
  • Sector Residential
  • Location South East
  • Tile Product Concrete Plain Tile
  • RTA Member Russell Roof Tiles


This site was part of the unique island community project of St. Mary’s Island, Kent, Britain’s first and only strategically planned island community. Developed with simple values in mind for its residents: tranquility, harmony and community. Countryside Properties were looking for a slate effect tile to cover their roofs.


The developers ultimately chose Galloway roof tiles as they combine the traditional appearance of slate with the security of an interlocking design and the economy of concrete. Russell Roof Tiles worked closely with Eagle Roofing on the project and ultimately supplied 27,000 slate grey Galloway tiles.


The successful completion of housing sympathetic with its locality for this unique island community project.